April 20, 2009

Helen of Bollywood

Now available Here at Mediafire.

This a home-made DVD. A Helen compilation DVD. Painstakingly remastered from my own collection using the best available source for each song. Some are rare or hard to find. Others are well known, but all have never looked or sounded as good as they do now. Careful thought was given to song placement on the DVD so that each song would flow nicely to the next. Even the menus have special background music. Thanks PC!

I think all Helen fans will enjoy this DVD and will want to add it to their collection. This is the first of a series. Helen Of Bollywood (Volume One) will be released as a torrent on Bwtorrents.com on 4-24-09 in the "Music Videos DVD" section. Registration is required.
Below is a brief explanation of what was done technically:

Grain and compression artifacts have been greatly reduced!
Video has been sharpened, brightened and color corrected as needed.

Added where needed (Apradh, Afsana, Sholay).
Replaced incomplete subs (Yakeen).
Retimed when needed (Gomti Ke Kinare).

Distorted audio has been replaced with better source (Mere Jeevan Saathi, Dus Lakh).
Hiss has been reduced and normalization has been applied to all.

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