April 22, 2011

Helen of Kollywood

What follows are 3 videos featuring Helen that she made for Tamil (Kollywood) cinema. The first one is a real rarity. It won't be found in any filmography of Helen. And there's no mention of it in Jerry Pinto's bioagraphy of Helen either. The name of the song is Ninaithale Innikum Sugame and It comes from Billa (1980) which is the Tamil remake of Don. Billa became a huge hit and made Rajnikanth a superstar of Tamil cinema. When it came to film the seduction scene and song (Yeh Mera Dil) made famous by Helen and Amitabh Bachchan, Helen was called upon to reprise her role. In Billa, the song is different and Rajnikanth may have replaced Amitabh, but Helen is still Helen and she employs many of the same dance steps and gyrations that made the Hindi version a classic. A special thanks to Tom Daniel for restoration of the video.

So, sit back and enjoy the Magic of Helen :)

Alavudinum Arbhutha Vilakkum (1979) (Allauddin And Wonderful Lamp) is another Tamil film that Helen dances in that not too many have ever seen. It also stars Rajnikanth and Kamal Hassan.

Lastly, here's another rare Helen video from 1958's classic Tamil film Uthama Puthiranan. I supplied the raw video to Tom Daniel. He restored it and it now looks and sounds great. The song is called Yaradi Nee Mohini and Helen doesn't appear until 3:12. But it's well worth the wait as she dances marvelously, especially in the boogie-woogie finale. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks so much!
    The Billa clip is like seeing Don in a parallel universe!
    And it is interesting that the same Georgia Gibbs song that was used in Yaradi Nee Mohini was a big hit in Shanghai called 我要你的愛 (I need your love).
    You can listen to it here:

  2. Glad you liked the Billa clip :) Helen rocks in both versions :D

    Wow! Great pickup on some inspired plagiarism Tamil style of the Grace Chang song (1957) :D lol

    The original song by Georgia Gibbs was I Want You To Be My Baby (1955) and can be heard @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ewrgr4d61vY

    Uthama Puthiran was made in 1958 :)

  3. The Billa one is simply awesome and rare. Helen again does it greatly the way she did 'Yeh Mera Dil' from Hindi DON. Only Helen can do justice with her songs and no one else can that's why they called up Helen to reprise it again :) That's why may be the Kareena's one from Remake of DON wasn't an very big blast like the earlier one.
    Have you noticed one thing? Watch the song at 3.16-3.19. You can see that the camera didn't focused to her eyes when she was doing that 'Glass Eye Movement Part'. But do u remember that in 'Yeh Mera Dil' camera focused to her eyes when she was doing that part? and that scene even became a huge hit! Can u guess the reason why? because here she's not wearing any lenses or something..and the eye make-up is not even that much something special..that's why!
    Anyways but an great one.

    Have you noticed another thing that Helen used to look a bit chubby in her early performances in 1957-1958? Like in Uthama Puthiran as well? but she looked the most cutest indeed!

    Just saw that you supplied Tom with rarities from Kaun Saccha Kaun Jhootha. So guess you have that film as well? so can u pls help me solving one of my little confusions? there was even another movie of the same name made in Bollywood in 1997. That movie had an song called 'Adha Din Adhi Raat' sung by Jyothi..and earthmusic.net says that it was even there in the Tamil one also made in 1972?
    So can u say that it does exist on that one or not? So pls kindly say that how many songs ere actually there in the movie KSKJ 1972?
    I know just about them.
    Sawal Hain Kaisa -Helen
    Aye Gori Sunjaa -Laxmi Chhaya
    Chalna Zindagani -Prabhakar Reddy (the hero) riding horse in a hilly place.
    Karam Nahin Bikta -The same as above.
    Meri Rani Mat Ja -The Hero with Vijayalaliltha to an acrobatic kinda dance.LOL
    Dekho Jawani Chham Chham Naache Re -(On whom this song is filmed pls inform?)
    Was there any other songs also filmed on Laxmi? or that one was the only?

  4. Glad u like it. I like Kareena, but there's only one Helen :) Nice point about Helen not using the blue eye contact lenses for Billa. I have to admit that they made Helen look more alluring in the Hindi Don. Although, in Billa she looked more sexy and voluptuous. Maybe it was that because by then she was more of a full figured woman and was wearing a low cut dress.

    Yes, Helen's weight at times fluctuated. But she always looked fine no matter what. Don't you agree?

    According to raaga.com and saregama.com Adha Din Adhi Raat isn't in the movie. I didn't spot it either.

    Dekho Jawani Chham Chham Naache Re is performed by Jyotilakshmi to a bunch of guys sitting at a table having a drink.

    Laxmi Chhaya only had that one song.

  5. Wow, that's fantastic. I'd seen the Billa/Don one, but the other two were new to me.

  6. Glad u enjoyed the post :)

    I never knew about the Billa/Don song until recently. So it was a big surprise to me :)

    More surprises are on the way...soon :)

  7. Note the subtle symbolism in the foreground of Ninaithale Innikum Sugame at 3:45.


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