April 25, 2013

Video of the week

Watch and enjoy as Rekha gives Prem Chopra :vD and his band of thugs a beating they'll never forget. :r

Thanks to bollywooddeewana for creating and posting this on YouTube. xD

April 7, 2013

Helen - Woman of a Thousand Faces

Silent film star Lon Chaney was known as the Man of a Thousand Faces due to his ability to transform himself into the many different characters in his films. But I think that since Helen had so many different looks throughout her long and storied career, that she should be thought of as the female counterpart to Mr. Chaney. So, I've created a short slideshow to prove my point. Enjoy :)

April 3, 2013

Ankh Ladti Hai Lad Jane De - Parmatma (1978)

Fantabulous dance and song from Parmatma (1978). Helen gyrates her hips mightily while showing off her curvaceous Latin figure. Latin? Yes, she's 75% Latin & 25% Burmese :tup. For this song, she's in full-blown hippie mode. She wears tight hip-hugging bell bottom pants along with a sexy knot blouse, and tops off her attire with a headband around her long brown hair. Groovy! \m/ Also, the video of the song is simply fantastic 8).

Ankh Ladti Hai Lad Jane De is a really great western-sounding song that could have fit nicely in any Santana album from that era. Electric guitar and Moog Synthesizer are featured prominently throughout the track and in most of the songs in the movie. K Babauji wrote the soundtrack, and many of the songs have a strong RD Burman vibe, Parmatma Title Music and Suraangini Kamaal Karegi in particular. Imo, Parmatma may be the best RD Burmanesque soundtrack written by someone else. One can only hope that someday someone rips it from a vinyl LP and gives it the spotlight it so richly deserves.

Btw, Ankh Ladti Hai Lad Jane De has been added to the Radio Helen playlist. Enjoy!

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