May 10, 2013

Video of the week

Absolutely <3 Kabhi Kabhi Saiyyan Sharaab Pikey Aaye from Raakhi And Rifle (1976). Helen dances in perfect synchronization :o with the heavy beat of the tabla in accompaniment with the unique and lovely sound of the harmonium. :tup

I remastered this video that was taken from a low resolution VCD and I think it came out rather well...if I must say so myself

May 4, 2013

Rare Helen....Remixed

Here is a remixed collection of some rare "first time on Youtube" Helen videos. In addition, one super rare non-Helen video is featured throughout the video :tup. If there's enough interest, most of these videos will appear in their original form on future DVD compilations that I may make. Enjoy :)

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