August 1, 2010

Helen of Bollywood - Volume Four

Its been almost a year since the last volume was released. Since then, I've uploaded 3 other compilation DVDs:

My Name is Suzy - 23 videos influenced by western music and culture including 7 with Helen.

Helen Dhamaka - 40 rare Helen videos that have never been released on DVD.

Helen: Always In Step - various videos about Helen.

After getting over 500 downloads of the first 3 volumes, I've decided to continue with Helen of Bollywood (Volume 4). As usual, all videos were remastered to the best of my ability for optimal viewing pleasure. So, I hope you enjoy them! Once again, special thanks to PC! And also to Tom Daniel for technical advice.

Among the highlights in this volume: the evergreen song "Ooi Ma Ooi Ma Yeh Kya Ho Gaya" from the classic fantasy film "Parasmani" and "Suku Suku" from the 1961 superhit "Junglee." Personal favorite: "Hello Hello" from "Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati" in which Helen dances up a storm and entertains us as only she can. :)

Get the DVD Here
at Mediafire


  1. Wow!!!!! Oh My God!!! Can't believe..Helen Of Bollywood Volume-4!!! I've waiting for this DVD for long..thanks a lot Mister Naidu...Here i got 2 very rare songs of Helen. 1st from film Toofan (1969) and 2nd is from Awara Badal. I guess the video quality must be awesome. So can't wait anymore!!!

    My 2 personal favorites are Cheenk Meri Jaan from Tum Haseen Main Jawan. Where she dances superbly and changes her dress for three times!!! Three of the dresses are out standing. 2nd is Hey Hey Hello Hello, where she wears a beautiful dress with lovely and cute feathers on her head which always suits her very much.

    I haven't watched the film Awara Badal, so can you please inform that there was any other Helen songs or not.

    Keep posting more DVDs on Helen...Fantastic Work!! Really appreciated :)

  2. Helen Of Bollywood 4.part18.rar seems to be missing from the share folder. is it possible to upload that file as without it, i may not be able to combine 2 form a whole dvd. thanks and greatly appreciated. :)

  3. Thanks, Anonymous. YW.

    The original video from Toofan has lots of vertical scratches and dirt. I cleaned it up as best I could. Its definitely better now. The original video from Awara Badal is missing some frames in the beginning and is very, very dark. So, I adjusted the contrast and brightness. If you compare the remastered videos to the original ones, you'll notice a nice difference in quality.

    Yep, Cheenk Meri Jaan from Tum Haseen Main Jawan is a great Helen video with a wonderful vocal by Asha. Shame that's its the only video I couldn't find subtitles for.

    Awara Badal doesn't have anymore Helen songs. I really like the one I put on the DVD. She dances very well. In the beginning of the song she dances and spins amazingly fast.

  4. thanks Mister Naidu...U r da best!!! :)

  5. Thanks and Yw...I think you'll like it.

  6. Can't wait to download this Mr N. It looks awesome....and i like your new blog look too.

  7. Thanks, Veen...hope u like it...I think its one of my best compilations yet.

    I like the new look, too...much brighter. :)

  8. Great from black and white through the disco era! Another fine comp.

  9. Thanks, Mark. That's what I was aiming for. :)

  10. PC! Good to see that your back. Hope u enjoy the long awaited Helen 4...keep a lookout for another surprise release...any day now. :)

  11. hello mister naidu. i hav downloaded all the RAR n par2 files, but cant seem to repair using QuickPAR. please guide me thru...

  12. Hello Simon,

    1. Make sure you have Winrar and Quickpar installed.

    2. Make sure you've downloaded each and every file.

    3. Look for the par2 files and click any one. Quickpar will appear and start examining your rar files. Now click auto repair on Quickpar.
    When Quickpar is done examining for corrupt files it will automatically repair them if needed. Wait until it has finished. Then click the rar file part 1 and wait until it is done.

    Let me know if everything is alright now. :)

    So far, everyone else has been able to get the DVD through Mediafire.

  13. Dear Sir Naidu,
    Can you please kindly upload the song Dil Toh Nirala Sharabi Hai from Awara Badal. If you do that so i'll be really very much grateful to you. Its an request please please upload that song from Awara Badal. I need it very urgent. Or if can so you can send me here, my email I'll be waiting for that song of Helen from Awara Badal. Its an request from an true Helen Fan. Take care.

  14. ok..for a true Helen fan... keep an eye out for the email. :)

  15. It appears that pt 12 of the rar is corrupted. Can you re-up? Thanks!

  16. You need to repair with the par2 files that you downloaded.. Get Quickpar for windows @ or Macpar for Apple @
    install, click on a par2 file and it will examine and repair any corrupted files. Refer to instructions file for more help.

    The trouble with Mediafire is that it occasionally corrupts what is uploaded. So, using the par2 files to repair is sometimes necessary. Let me know if you're still having problems.

  17. yes, got it now thanks. Just watched the whole comp....fantastic! Lots I've never seen before. You're the best.

  18. thanks again for this amazing compilation !

    link number 11 is dead.


  19. Thanks Ren for the kind words. I appreciate it.

    I re-upped 11 and it still has problem - "No servers currently available." I believe this is a temporary problem from Mediafire. It appears they were doing maintenance recently and haven't gotten everything fixed yet. I'll monitor the situation. Luckily, I believe part 11 can be replaced withe the par2 files since I uploaded enough to cover such a problem.

    Thanks for alerting me to this.

  20. Thanks so much for putting this together--I enjoy all your compilations!

  21.'s working like you said, without part 11
    i've never used those par things before.
    the dvd is working fine and the content is just awesome !!! my favorite is the last one from geeta mera naam. thanks !

  22. Anonymous -

    Thanks. Yw.

    Renfield -

    Nice to hear u got the DVD thanks to the par files and glad that you're enjoying it.
    Geeta Mera Naam is a good choice for your favorite. Its certainly one of her most unique and risque videos. My fave is Hello Hello and I love when she tells the drunkard to shut up. :)

  23. are your releases still available at bwtorrents? may i know your username there or ur profile link. thanks for the ever so amazing compilations of yours.

  24. Yes, they're still available. Registration is required. My username at Bwtorrents is shammi. :)

  25. thanks mister naidu. now i m a member of bwtorrents n will be able to download your amazing uploads from there :D

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