October 19, 2010

Helen Week - Videos from Hong Kong (1962)

Welcome to Helen Week - Day 5

Hong Kong is probably my most favorite Helen movie that I've never seen. I've only been able to watch the 8 videos taken from a VHS tape that were posted on Youtube. The videos are all excellent and Helen performs in 5 of them! The soundtrack was composed by O.P. Nayyar (The Rhythm King) and its magnificent. Hong Kong has never been released on VCD or DVD and its not even listed on IMDB.

So, what follows are all the Youtube videos plus the audio of one lovely song (Honolulu) whose video wasn't uploaded. First up is a swingin' Nayyar song called "Hong Kong China Meena." And its a superb showcase for showing Helen's dancing and comedic abilities. Enjoy!

Another favorite of mine is the snappy "Kenya Uganda Tanganyika." Helen shows her Latin roots and plays a little bit on the conga drum at the beginning of the song. Look for a very young Sanjeev Kumar among the dancers.

And here's the audio of the song that wasn't among the 8 videos that were uploaded to Youtube. Its a beautiful song called "Honolulu" and it features a flawless vocal by Asha Bhosle.


  1. O.P. Nayyar and Helen are such a PERFECT match.

    And this has been such a great week :)

    Thanks for sharing, Mister Naidu...

  2. Yw. I'm glad you're enjoying Helen Week.

    I agree. They are a perfect match. She danced on a lot of his songs. One of her biggest songs ever was "Mere Naam Chin Chin Chu" which he composed for Howrah Bridge.

  3. I really want to see this movie now. Thanks for sharing such great videos.

    Helen Week is a rousing success!

  4. Lets hope somebody releases Hong Kong someday.

    Thanks for your nice feedback, Suzanne. Makes it all worthwhile. :)

  5. merci beaucoup monsieur naidu pour ces merveilleux moments avec Helen je suis un très grand fan helen est très aimer en algerie je recherche en ce moment les danses de helen et jayasree dans le film doctor x


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