March 27, 2011

Padmini & Vyjayanthimala's Classic Tamil Dance-off

Finally, here's a high quality video of Kannum Kannum Kalandu from the Tamil film Vanjikkootai Vaaliban which was taken from a Tamil TV. broadcast. Enjoy Padmini and Vyjayanthimala as they square off in the greatest dance-off in Indian cinematic history. The Hindi version is Aaja To Aaja from Raj Tilak and it's the centerpiece of Tom Daniel's excellent Padmini - The Hindi Years DVD. You can get the DVD for free - Here.

March 19, 2011

Padmini - The Hindi Years (Tom Daniel)

Here's the latest DVD by Tom Daniel and it just may be his best yet! It features restored video and audio with subtitles on all the songs (many for the first time!). It's an excellent collection of Padmini's best Hindi dances and is available at Mediafire for free.


Aaja To Aaja.The unforgettable dance-off between Padmini and Vyjayanthimala from Raj Tilak.

Na Dir Dim from the India/Russia production of Pardesi and which is presented here in beautiful widescreen color!

And Tu Hai Mera Prem Devta from Kalpana in which Padmini and sister Ragini dance spectacularly for the god Mahadev.

Highest recommendation!

I don't think you'll find a more enjoyable DVD at any price. So, get it for free Here.

Get the complete song list and read all about the making of the DVD in the PDF file. Get it Here.

For more stuff about this DVD please visit Richard's "Dances on the Footpath." More posts about Padmini can be found on his blog.
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