June 10, 2009

Helen Of Bollywood - Volume Two

Now available Here at Mediafire.

Here's my latest "Helen Of Bollywood" DVD restoration! As with my previous release, the songs on volume two have been carefully remastered for optimal viewing pleasure.:) Simply put, you will not find these videos in better condition anywhere! Although I used the best source available, the original quality of most of these is marginal at best. Grain, compression artifacts, hissy audio and poorly encoded DVD transfers were far too common in most of these videos. So, after many hours of re-encoding I proudly present - Helen Of Bollywood (Volume Two). Here's a brief explanation of what was done technically:


Grain and compression artifacts have been greatly reduced thanks to application of the Neat Video™ filter!
Video has been sharpened, brightened and color corrected as needed with various avisynth and virtualdub filters.


Added where needed (Anamika, Main Chup Rahungi, Teesri Manzil).


Hiss has been reduced when needed and volume normalization has been applied to all.

Tested on PowerDVD and various DVD players.

Any comments and feedback are welcome.

To be released sometime this weekend at Bwtorrents.com in the "Music Videos DVD" section. Registration is required.


  1. Let me know when you put it up there :) I don't go there that often these days...

  2. memsaab, you'll be the first to know :)

  3. priyanka61 form bwtorrentsJune 12, 2009 at 3:09 PM

    Thanks for all the effort in these dvd's you make!!!! THe effort really shows in your screenshots!!!
    I will look as often as i can on bwtorrents.
    I can't thank you enough:D

  4. yw and thank u for appreciating my efforts :)

  5. Thanks man. I look forward to downloading this.

  6. Bah, BWtorrents won't accept my registration, thus I'm unable to access it.. :-(

  7. Hey all these 3 volumes are fantabulous. Bw torrents just sucks. Requesting you to provide an alternate link. These are must have treasures!

  8. Sorry, but Bwtorrents is the best way to go for torrents with its 80,000 members for a quick download. Almost 300 have downloaded copies of the "Helen Of Bollywood" series thus far. Also, file hosting sites like MegaUpload aren't good for 4gb files.

  9. Anyway to post these 3 Helen DVDs on Media Fire like the cabaret comp currently on page 1? I most concur I have been fighting off and on trying to get them from Bwtorrents. The 1st time the files were corrupt and not recognizable by DVD decrypter and now BWtorrent refuses to resend my log in info after repeated attempts to request it and I've already donated to them once.

  10. I have become a member of BWtorrents but they won't let me view any forums... im stuck at a page asking for another donation.. i just made a $10 donation.

  11. I'll post links to MediaFire for the Helen DVDs when I release volume 4. I'm probably gonna release one or two other DVDs before then. So, hang in there. :)

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