October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Helen!

Helen's character in "Prince" said "No one holds a candle to me." The following rare videos, all of which are unavailable on DVD, prove her point:

Thanks priyanka61 for this great Helen video!


  1. Happy belated birthday to the Grand Dame herself, so much energy and so much fierceness, Pls what film is that second & 4th song from and is the 3rd song from Sunehri Nagin

  2. Yup, truly an artist and entertainer par excellence! :D

    The second song comes from Aag Aur Daag - "Kam Nahi Sharab Se." The 4th comes from Troyee (Bengali film) - "Ektu Bosho Chole Jeona." Nice guess on the third, but no it comes from Bhagwan Parshuram - "Das gayi Nagin Banke Jawani."

  3. Happy belated birthday to Helen from me, too!

    "Das Gayi Nagin..." looks a bit like something from just plain Nagin. Was she competing with Vyjayanthimala again?

    I've watched the song from Baarish a couple of times before... Helen is delightful there!

  4. Hi Richard. Yeah, it does look like it would fit in Nagin.

    No, since she beat Vyjayanthimala in Prince there's no need to compete with her again :D

    I agree, her performance in Baarish is great. Another movie that's yet to find its way to DVD :(


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