November 6, 2009

Hello Everybody!

And enjoy some more Helen magic as she performs Kalyanji Anandji's "Hello Hello" from Ek Shriman, Ek Shrimati.

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  1. hi , lovely video
    I have videoget and often save clips by pasting the youtube url into the program , is there anyway I can do this from your blogger videos, anyone ?

  2. Reza, get Real Player for Internet Explorer or Download Helper for Firefox. Google them. Good luck :D

  3. Hi Mr. Naidu, I love your blog. I was wondering how you preserved the videos? Did you study in film restoration and conservation? Love the Helen Clips, can't wait for the 4th volume.

  4. Hello Stella. Thank you. I remaster the videos using filters from Avisynth and Virtualdub to improve the quality. No, I haven't studied how to do this. I'm self-taught and still learning. The 4th volume of "Helen Of Bollywood" is in the pipeline, but first I'm going to release "My Name is Suzy," which I've just posted details about. Hope you can grab a copy. :D

    Btw, keep up the great work you're doing with your blog!

  5. Looks like another great collection, can't wait !

    Appreciate you taking the time & effort & then sharing.

    Asli Jat

  6. Hi Asli Jat. Yw. I think most will enjoy my latest compilation. Each DVD I make, I believe, is better than the previous one as I improve my techniques at video restoration.

    People sharing with each other is what the internet should be all about, imho. I only wish more would do it.


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