December 12, 2009

Minoo Mumtaz Compilation DVD

Mister Naidu Proudly Presents...

A DVD (Including DVD-ROM PDF file) created by Tom Daniel.
All videos were remastered by Tom Daniel.

What is known about Minoo Mumtaz?
She's Mehmood's sister. And that's it. We don't know when or where she was born, anything about her family, childhood, dance training, early acting experiences, marriage (if any), children (if any), or even if she's still with us in the land of the living. All we have to go on is what remains in the films. That's a lot, for sure, but it's not nearly enough.She appeared as a fully mature actress and dancer in 1955 and appeared in 47 films, if IMDB's record is to be trusted. 1959 was her peak year when she appeared in 10 movies.

After 1964 her career was just about over, appearing in only 6 movies afterwards, and in no year more than one movie. So, effectively, her career lasted only 10 years. In some films she only acted, 1958's Yahudi, 1960's Bindya, and 1961's Chote Nawab being three examples. She often was paired with the male comic, and provided quite a bit of comedy herself, in dialog and sometimes with the dancing. She was often the female lead's best friend. And at least once she was the baddie (1959's Chirag Kahan Roshni Kahan). But she's best known today for her glorious dancing. Whether a mujra, dancing as part of a qawaali, an item number or cabaret, classical or filmi, she mastered them all, and it's mostly for these dances that this DVD is being created. - Tom Daniel.

With brother Mehmood

With Kishore Kumar

With Johnny Walker

With Helen

Now available here at MediaFire. Can also be found at in the "Music Videos DVD" section.


  1. Thanks Tom D and you M Naidu , just grabbing it now, looking forward to it :)

  2. Yw, but all credit goes to Tom D. for the time and effort in creating this DVD.

    And don't forget to check out the PDF file included in the DVD-ROM for more details on the DVD.

  3. Wow , ran it through just the once last night, can't thank you enough Tom D
    Read the pdf but had only details on how to burn, will check the dvd on my PC for extra's
    Stand out track 9 from Taj Mahal, just love all that call and response singing, would you know who the male singer is, just got to get that film and soundtrack, wonderful
    Absolutely brilliant thanks again

  4. The PDF you want is on the DVD itself. Insert DVD in computer. Its in a folder named DVD_ROM next to the Video_ts and Audio_ts folders. :)

  5. Another great DVD! I'm just blown away by the quality.

    Thanks so much!

  6. would it be possible to reseed the torrent somewhere? I cannot find it at bwtorrents...

  7. As stated at the bottom of the post, it's "available here at Mediafire" om "here" :)

    below is the url:

  8. Dear Mr.Naidu, while thanking you very much for your efforts, I'd find a unique torrent easier than all the files you had to split it into in order to post on Mediafire; I was dloading them already but thought of inquiring about the possibility of a torrent. Thank you for your consideration...

  9. If someone is interested in a more straightforward download, the torrent at bwtorrents is seeded again.

  10. Minoo Mumtaz is alive and lives in the US. You will some tidbits about Minoo Mumtaz in these links:

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