May 4, 2010

Asha Bhosle - Live in Mumbai - Aaja Aaja

Asha rocks live in Mumbai.


  1. Fab stuff, so cool to see her expressions in the 'aah aah ja aah ja' bits, she could have completed it by placing her hands on her head Shammi style ;0)

  2. yep, and nice work by the drummer that would have made Rocky proud :)

  3. Very cool, thanks! I'm checking out Chura Liya Hai tumne from that show now.
    A few months ago I saw a great live video of Mohd. Rafi doing Aaja Aaja from the UK in '77, can't find it in youtube now though.

  4. Yw. Yep, that was a great show by Asha!
    I don't think I have Rafi's live video of Aaja Aaja, but if I find it I'll post it :)


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