September 11, 2010

Bollywood Movie Title Music CD

This collection contains movie title music from the 60's, 70's and 80's. Most, if not all, of the music is unavailable on CDs or vinyl LPs. The music was taken from the opening credits of DVDs and converted to mp3 at 256kbps.  

I previously released  a DVD of videos of movie title music called Bollywood's Best Movie Title Music  from which most of the music for this compilation was taken. For this mp3 collection, I added 4 really cool tunes that weren't on my DVD: Kaalia by R.D. Burman, Shankar Dada by Sonik Omi, Faraar and Chor Ke Ghar Chor by Kalyanji-Anandji.

All of the music was normalized, corrected, and edited to the best of my ability for optimal listening pleasure. :D

This is the extended, improved and final version. Now with 36 tracks and 78 minutes of music! :)

So play it on your computer (sounds great on Itunes or Winamp), portable media player or burn it on a CD and play it at home or in your car!
Get it
Here at Mediafire or at Bwtorrents in the "Music Torrents - Audio Compilations" section.
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  1. Many Thanks for all your effort in compiling this, can't wait to give this a listen ...

  2. Asli Jat -

    Yw. I think it came out well. Hope u like it.

    PC -

    Enjoy. :)

  3. Oh...another good one. Thanks Mr N.

  4. upload the cd/vinyl version of the bollywood themes please, btw nice blogg

  5. Read the post carefully..the link is there for the CD..."Get it Here at Mediafire." To get the CD just click "Here" :)

  6. Absolutely brilliant. You're doing great things here. Thanks so much!

  7. Thanks. Its always good to hear that someone appreciates what I'm doing. :)

  8. Thanks for this Mister Naidu and alas i now know where you got your name from, don't worry, i won't let the cat out of the bag ;0)

  9. Uh Oh! Please keep the cat in the bag! :D

  10. This is sooo great! Being residing in India I have been looking something like this for a long time and what available was remixes or partly mixed tracks. Thanks so such Mr. Naidu.

    I have to still browse rest of the site.

    Thanks once again.

  11. Yw and thanks for the nice feedback. :)

  12. Thanks for this amazing compilation!

  13. Thanks for the great compilation! I especially love the RD Burman selections.

  14. title theme of SHOLAY is my favorite

    thanks for this compilation


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