December 23, 2010

Helen of Bollywood (Vol. 1) - at Mediafire!

The DVD that started it all is now available at Mediafire!

I'm making the Helen Of Bollywood (Volume 1) DVD available at Mediafire for the very first time. So, if you don't already have it you can grab it by clicking on the link provided below. If you're patient and persistent you should be able to get the DVD in a day or 2. :)

Mary Crimble to one and all. :D

Get the DVD Here.


  1. I must have been good this year! Many thanks for sharing this.

  2. You're welcome. Now, all the Helen of Bollywood DVDs are available on Mediafire. :)

  3. FYI - part15 and part21 files both give an "Error Downloading File" message.

  4. Thanks for the info. Until I fix them, I've added more par2 files to cover the 2 problem files. You should now be able to restore the missing files and get the DVD. Let me know if that works.

  5. ok, part15 and 21 have been replaced and now download without errors. A new set of par2 files have also been added. Everything should be all right now. :)

  6. Just plain awesomeness... A thousand thank yous, good sir. Shame about the mess that is Intaqam - I'm sure there's a version on youtube, or has been, that is complete without the sudden jumps. Such a fantastic number - it's so infuriating to see it so fragmented.

    Still, off the negatives and onto the positives. The scene where Helen is dancing near Vishnu, is it Vishnu, or perhaps it's Krishna? Regardless, the obviously colourised clip is divine. One of the my favourites. Helen is just truly magical and your hardwork has brought the beauty of it to life...

  7. Thanks for the kind words. Glad you appreciate my efforts.

    Yeah, the Inteqam DVD is missing frames from that song and scenes from the movie :( The song on Youtube is complete, but from a VHS tape. Maybe one day the complete Inteqam will make it to DVD.

    The song from Upaasna that you like is a great Helen video. One of her best. Actually, she's not dancing to Vishnu or Krishna. Anyway, it really is a great performance for one of Kalyanji-Anadji's most memorable songs.

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