January 21, 2011

Video of the week

Here's a fantastically groovy and rare (unavailable on DVD or VCD) video from Tasveer (1966). It features Feroz Khan with Ted Lyons & His Cubs dancing and twisting along with a cast of thousands (not really) on one of the greatest bollywood rock songs of the 60's: Denewala Dil To Do. Imo, this song ranks right up there with Jaan Pehchaan Ho from Gumnaam, Aaja Aaja Main Hoon Pyar Tera from Teesri Manzil, and Aankhe Teri Hain Teri Katil from Golden Eyes: Secret Agent 077. The great Mahendra Kapoor sings with gusto this song written by the underrated C. Ramchandra. The tune incorporates tasty solos on guitar, sax, and piano backed by a steady percussive beat. One of my all time faves! I especially recommend it to all Feroz Khan and Ted Lyons & His Cubs fans. Definitely worth a replay or 2. :) Enjoy!

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Please visit Feel the love! Ted Lyons & His Cubs from memsaabstory for much more Ted Lyons!

My last Ted Lyons video discovery from Golden Eyes: Secret Agent 077 can be seen Here.


  1. FABULOUS!!!!! And Ted is dancing in the crowd, the first guy you seen when Feroz comes down to mix with them from the stage :) Love it!!!!

  2. Yep, I love it too. Lots of Ted and His Cubs playing and dancing. Also, Helen has 2 songs with Feroz in the film. Definitely needs to be released on DVD along with Pagla Kahin Ka, Hong Kong and many others.

  3. Is C. Ramchandra underrated? Every Bollywood fan I've been in touch with thinks he was one of the greatest - and I completely agree. This tune is much later than most of the ones I've come to love, but it's still very nice.

  4. Hi Richard. Thanks for stopping by. :)

    I should have written that C. Ramchandra was underrated to ME since I'm not that familiar with his work as say Shanker-Jaikishan, RD Burman, SD Burman, Laxmikant Pyarlelal or Kalyanji-Anandji. And I've haven't heard as much of his early stuff as you have. Although I've heard and like some of the songs from Albela and Anarkali very much. Maybe you can recommend some others that I should listen to.:)

    The song of his that I posted from Tasveer is bollywood rock at its best. It has a great arrangement, a hard driving beat and lots of hooks to sustain one's interest throughout the song. Fantastic stuff! The other songs from Tasveer are also excellent and worth seeking out.

    In the future, I think I will have to substitute underrated with great when describing the talents of C. Ramchandra. :D


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