February 7, 2011

Videos of the week

Here's Helen in 3 dancing duets. We begin with Helen and her mentor Cuckoo in the 1958 film Heera Moti. This is followed by her dance with the effervescent Laxmi Chhaya in Dulhan Ek Raat Ki from 1967. Lastly, she dances mostly freestyle with an unknown male partner in Piya Milan (1958). Enjoy!


  1. Great post as usual Mr.Naidu! Its always an great treat to any Helen fan :) Please do post these kind of rare and beautiful Helen video dances every week. I'm a very big fan of your uploads and DVD.
    The first dance of Helen with her mentor Cuckoo is needless to say very nice. Whenever Cuckoo and Helen dances together it simply feels great! isn't it? The other two dances where Cuckoo and Helen danced together were great too,u remember one from Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi and my most favorite one was from Yahudi. Guess they only danced thrice in Bollywood movies together. As i don't find any other movies where they may dance together! Do you have any idea that they have any other duo dance or not?

    Helen and Laxmi Chhaya, when we hear these two names together the only one word comes in our mind is 'ENERGY'! full of dhamaka and masti and everything! Love Laxmi always and when watch with Helen its more than the double! Helen with Laxmi means a cherry on the delicious cake! They have also danced in few more movies too together. All of them were awesome and esp.this one.
    Helen have danced with many unknown dancing partners in her earlier movies and even in her later films! Dunno the name of this dancer dancing along with Helen! But an good energetic dance indeed. Can you please kindly inform that does Helen had any other dances in this film Piya Milan?
    Have you seen the movie ''Dunno Y..Na Jaane Kyun''? where Helen did an little cameo appearance probably? Zeenat Aman was also there in that film, but unfortunately that film was an big big flop!
    Anyways 'Bachpan' is her another movie which will be releasing soon where she did an little dance scene with Padmini. I hope this film could make up to that level and be a hit!
    Keep posting more dances of Helen. Its great.

  2. Hello Ridhima,

    Glad u liked the Heera Moti dance. This was the first time it was available on Youtube. Although, now I see others have now posted my copy. :) I like the 2 that u mentioned especially Yahudi. I believe you're correct that they only danced 3 times together. Yes, Laxmi and Helen were a great team.
    As evidenced by Unse Keh Do in Maharini Padmini:

    The song I posted from Piya Milan is Helen's only song.

    I've yet to see "Dunno Y..," but I'm looking forward to Bachpan with Helen & Padmini.

    Thanks for the compliments. Of course, I'll be posting more Helen in the future. :)

  3. These are very nice Helen dances. Of course, Mister Naidu, I knew about the Helen-Cuckoo dance before you posted it here, because you told me about it on February 4, after I did my post for Cuckoo's birthday. :)

    I also recall seeing just two other films that had Helen and Cuckoo dancing up front together. Were those really the only ones? Oh, well... I am absolutely sure we at least see Helen dancing in the background behind Cuckoo in Shabistan. :)

    Regarding this film Bachpan... I would assume we're talking about the contemporary release Mera Bachpan with Helen and Padmini Kohlapure. There is only one dancer, IMO, who should be referred to simply as Padmini, who appeared with Helen in some films in the past but alas has been deceased for a few years.

  4. Hi Richard. Glad u liked the post. The Heera Moti and Piya Milan videos are very rare and were unseen on Youtube until I uploaded them. It does seem a little hard to believe that Helen and Cuckoo only danced together in 3 films (4 if u count Shabistan). Helen is listed with Cuckoo in the credits for Ambar (1952), but she probably only danced in the background.

    Thanks for clarifying the difference between Padmini Kohlapure and the original Padmini. You're absolututely right in saying that she should be the only one that should be referred to simply as "Padmini." I also didn't realize that she passed away several years ago. :(


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