May 24, 2011

Helen in Bengali Cinema

Here's Helen in 3 dances that she performed for the Bengali film industry.

First up, Ektu Bosho Chole Jeon from Troyee (1982).

Next is Shay Ki Elo from Rajkumari (1970).

Lastly, she dances to Tere Liye Aaya from Gali Theke Rajpath (1959) with vocal from Geeta Dutt. Thanks to Tom Daniel for improving the video.



  1. I keep coming back to the second one... she really looks amazing in it!

  2. Thank you for the recent Helen videos - really interesting stuff.

    The song in the second video here, is it also from a Bollywood film - it just sounds very familiar...

  3. PC -

    Yes, she does look great. She's wearing same outit she wore in "Maine Dil Abhi Diya Nahi" from "The Train" which was also made in 1970.

    Anonymous -

    YW. I beleive your right. That song definitely comes from a Bollywood movie. Maybe someone can come up with the title and film.

  4. Comments have not been showing up last couple of days...should be all right now.

  5. I'm hoping this isn't going to become an obsession but re: the second video, I'm really thinking that the other version (should it exist) has a male voice...

  6. Ah, here's the story on video no. 2! This Bengali film's music was scored by the inimitable Rahul Dev Burman who often used his Bengali tunes for later Hindi films. He used this tune for the 1972 Jaya Bhaduri-Randhir Kapoor hit 'Jawani Diwani' (as an aside, IMO the only reason for the film's success was its fabulous songs). Here's the link to the song which is titled 'Yeh jawani hai deewani' sung by none other than Kishore Kumar. Enjoy :-)

    On another note, Mr. Naidu, love your blog and all the wonderful work you do/did with Tom Daniel and Asli Jat. Many thanks!

  7. Thanks Suhan for letting us know the Hindi film "Shay Ki Elo" was used for. It's very surprising to discover that the Bengali film had the song first. Thanks for the info and the YT link :)

    Glad u like what I'm doing here. And yes, Asli Jat and Tom Daniel are major contributors to this blog and can't be thanked enough :)


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