December 23, 2011

She was just 17 ♫

Helen dances in Hatim Tai (1956) to "Hum Azaad Hoon Jahan." It's her 2nd color film. Mayur Pankh (1954) was the first.

Enjoy the magic of Helen!


  1. Now reveal the secret Mr.Naidu!! how come you digged this gem out? i've seen this movie's song roaming around in the internet bunches of times!but never paid attention to it as it dint had any of my favorites in it, not even any uploaders have mentioned her name in their uploaded songs..neither the internet gives any info about Helen being here! You'r GREAT!! as i've said even before that there are even may be many more rare gems of Helen hidden in the 50s and early 60s, which are out of the mentioned filmographies! OMG! can't rely on anywhere in the net's filmography! have to look at all for the ever greatest and our loveliest Helenji!!

  2. There are many more unknown or uncredited dances of Helen out there. And yes, the Youtube uploaders probably didn't even recognize our Helen in this song. There are more out there waiting to be discovered :) And lets not forget the many movies she made for the Telugu, Tamil, Bengali and other film industries that haven't yet seen the light of day. Also, so many of her dances have been edited and censored out of VCDs and DVDs and some of them have only been seen because they've been uploaded from old VHS tapes. It's a shame how the powers that be have disrespected the legacy of one of Indian cinema's greatest artists - our Helenji :)

  3. Very true thing you've said! One bad news about the censoring of the songs of Helen was Pyar Ka Sapna's Night Is Lovely..but finally and luckily we got to dig that out :)and now another same thing happened to Barkha Bahar 1973 :( her beautiful song ''Jalaa De Tu Koi Aag'' of Asha ji is badly censored from my VCD :( this was the only appearance of Helen thoughtout the film and so as Asha ji's only song in the film..anyways do you have this song of Helen from Barkha Bahar ?

  4. It's very sad to hear about "Jalaa De Tu Koi Aag". I don't have this song, but as I wrote before, the only way to get her uncensored videos is by having an old VHS copy. Off the top of my head, she's also been editied or censored out of the following VCD's: The Return of Superman, Film Hi Film, Rail Ka Dibba, Pyar Ka Sapna, Maharaja (2 songs), Pandit Aur Pathan and others. Luckily, thanks to VHS uploads on Youtube we've seen the songs from the last 3 films I listed. Unfortunately, they usually are of poorer quality.


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