April 7, 2013

Helen - Woman of a Thousand Faces

Silent film star Lon Chaney was known as the Man of a Thousand Faces due to his ability to transform himself into the many different characters in his films. But I think that since Helen had so many different looks throughout her long and storied career, that she should be thought of as the female counterpart to Mr. Chaney. So, I've created a short slideshow to prove my point. Enjoy :)


  1. Helen can look like anything. She has black hair, blonde hair, red hair, brown hair and she sometimes looks Chinese, sometimes Indian and sometimes European. If you compare Helen's looks from the 60s and 70s and compare it to the 1950s, they look like different people.

    1. I agree. She looked Indian, especially when she did classical and folk dances or Chinese (Howrah Bridge, Singapore). But to me, she mostly looked more Latin than anything else; probably because her mother was half Burmese and half Spanish and her father was French. She truly had a very unique look. And, of course, was a dancer extraordinaire. :)

      Thanks for commenting.


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