April 25, 2010

Helen: Always In Step

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Helen* (*But Were Afraid to Ask) :D.

This DVD contains:

Movie Mahal: Helen
This show has been unseen since it was telecast by the BBC in 1989. Helen talks candidly about her life and her career. A very, very special thanks goes, once again, to our friend Asli Jat for making it available after all these years for this DVD!

Dancing Queen (2009)

Helenji, as she is respectfully called on the show, makes a rare televised appearance as a judge on this popular Indian show. Her fellow judges are Hema Malini and Jeetendra. Among the contestants is Sanobar Kabir.Thanks goes to BWT's INDIANBOY for ripping and posting this :)

Helen, Queen Of The Nautch Girls
Filmed in 1971, this documentary has very rare behind the scenes footage of Helen and examines her career and films.

Filmfare Lifetime Achievement Award (1998)
Helen is presented with this award by Salman Khan and her other 2 stepsons. Prior to receiving the award, Sonali Bendre
dances in a tribute to Helen.

Songs from Ghunghat and Woh Kaun Thi round out the DVD.
Get it here at Bwtorrents.com in the "TV Torrents - Other TV Shows" section. Registration is required.


  1. Oh my goodness! I've never seen pictures of Helen in the present day. Thanks for posting.

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