April 15, 2010

Video Of The Week

Ted Lyons and His Cubs appear with brother-in-law Sonu behind the drums!
Featuring dancing Fembots, Beatle hairstyles, Beatle collarless suits, and Beatle boots! All of this can be found in the song - Ye Aankhe Teri Hain Teri Katil from Golden Eyes: Secret Agent 077! So, feel the love...yeah, yeah, yeah!

In the video Helen look-alike and head fembot Madhumati (Pagla Kahin Ka, Night in London) dances with her fellow fembots while the real Helen secretly watches behind the Golden Eye.

Dig this frenetic Bollywood dance party from "Golden Eyes: Secret Agent 077" (1968). And see a potpourri of 60s dances performed including, of course, "The Twist" along with some Indian "Air Guitar." :D

Ted Lyons' Cubs are featured throughout as Ted's brother-in-law Sonu shines with some mad drumming and a couple of fantastic drum solos!

A must see!

Visit Feel the love! Ted Lyons & His Cubs from memsaabstory for more Ted Lyons!


  1. Ted says: "...that was my band...but I was in the dance that was going on, barely can be seen, but the drummer is my brother in law Sonu..."

    I gave him a link to the post, maybe he will give us more background ;-)

  2. thanks memsaab... I'll rewrite and gives his brother-in-law Sonu proper credit :)...could have sworn that was Ted at 1:58 in the video.

  3. Thanks Tala-Wallah for the kind words :)

  4. I'm just happy to have this song on my radar! :)

  5. yw..me too.

    Rewrote the post with correct info. Thanks memsaab.

  6. This song is really beautiful, in fact all of the songs of this film is very beautiful and catchy. My personal favorites are Gulshan Pe Ghata (which is an solo Helen dance)and Ulfat Ki Nishani (where Helen, Rani and Jeevan Kala dances). But i guess Helen doesn't dance here. Here Sonu, Madhumati and Jeevan Kala dances isn't it?

    A very big big disappointment is with the site VEOH.COM. This site is not available in our country (Bangladesh).But in that site there are a lots of very beautiful and HQ subtitled videos of Helen and Minoo Mumtaz. That site is an treasury of Helen and Minoo Mumtaz songs. Well dailymotion is also good. But it doesn't have so many videos of Helen and Minoo Mumtaz as veoh has.

  7. Thanks for your comments about this film...most, including myself, have never seen this movie as its never been released on VCD or DVD. Helen dances in 2 songs, but doesn't dance in this one. Look closely because she secretly watches the dancing behind the Golden Eye a couple of times during the song. This film is high on my want list along with "Killers" and "Hong Kong."

  8. Ted plays guitar in another song from the film too:


  9. Nice. Ted's filmography is growing by the day :D ...thought Helen should have been the dancer in that song since she is, after all, part Spanish :)

  10. "Ted's filmography is growing by the day"... sounds like a job for the Bollywood DVD Restoration Project! No? :)

  11. Maybe, but need some more videos :)


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