August 16, 2010

Bollywood's Best Movie Title Music

Here's a DVD collection of some of the best movie title music from the 60's and 70's...except for Humse Hai Zaman (1983) and Rattan (1944).

I had thought about doing something like this for a while, but it took memsaab's excellent post about her favorite movie title music for me to get around to doing it.
Visit My ten favorite “title” tunes from memsaabstory for her selections! Most of the movie title tunes mentioned by memsaab and her readers are on this DVD and many good ones that weren't are on it, too.

Here's the movie title list:

01. Caravan
02. Zanjeer
03. Bombay Talkie
04. The Burning Train
05. Sholay
05. Teesri Manzil
07. Saazish
08. Anita
09. Seeta Aur Geeta
10. Victoria No. 203
11. Deewar
12. Professor Pyarelal
13. Brahmachari
14. Haseena Maan Jayegi
15. Johny Mera Naam
16. Don
17. Hum Kisise Kum Naheen
18. Saagar
19. Shaan
20. Dharmatma
21. Jewel Thief
22. Qurbani
23. Sharmilee
24. Yaadon Ki Baaraat
25. Ek Se Badhkar Ek
26. China Town*
27. Chunaoti
28. Kausati
29. Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi
30. Benaam
31. Sachaa Jhutha
32. Inkaar
33. Night In London
34. Professor
35. The Train
36. Yakeen
37. The Great Gambler
38. Jaanwar
39. Bombay 405 Miles
40. Hare Kanch Ki Chooriyan
41. Manzil
42. Zakhmee
43. Junglee
44. Humse Hai Zamana
45. Gumnaam
46. Intaquam
47. Mere Sanam
48. Kaab? Kyoon? Aur Kahan?
49. Geeta Mera Naam
50. Sharafat Chhod Di Maine
51. Shareef Budmaash
52. Anamika
53. Baazi
54. Bandhe Hath
55. Ek Shriman Ek Shrimati
56. Parwana
57. Hawas
58. Kismat
59. Do Gaz Zameen Ke Neeche
60. Rattan*

*has subtitles.

My thoughts on some of my favorites...

I really like Shankar Jaikishan's lovely theme for Bombay Talkie. Its so contemporary it feels like it could have been written yesterday and it has such a soothing, lilting groove that it just grows on you with every listen. Kalyanji's Anadji's music for Zanjeer, on the other hand, has a classic seventies feel to it. I love the melody and the arrangement that accompanies the atmospheric video. R.D. Burman's haunting title music for Caravan has been a favorite of mine for years. It features a great wordless vocal by Usha Iyer as Asha Parekh helplessly drives a runaway car down a mountain. Yikes!

Get the DVD Here
Or get the DVD at Bwtorrents Here


  1. This is a great compilation! I'm really enjoying and all of your DVDs. You are doing a great service for fans of Bollywood films and music.

    Thank you ever so much!


  2. Thanks, Suzanne. I truly appreciate the kind words.

    I really don't get much feedback. So, its encouraging to know that my DVDs are being enjoyed and my efforts are appreciated. As long as I get nice comments like yours, I'll continue making new ones. :D

  3. Thanks. Looking forward to this (I'm grabbing the torrent).

  4. Just finished downloading - can't wait to watch it!

  5. Hope u like. A lot of the title music in this collection didn't appear on the OST album of the movie.

  6. This is amazing! Everything is so beautifully restored. I have stacks of filmi dvd's and vcd's and have dreamed of a comp like this for ages. Thanks for all these labors of love. Shabash!

  7. You're welcome.

    Thanks for the feedback and kind words. Enjoy! :)

  8. HOW DID I MISS THIS??!!!! Hope it is still being seeded!!!! My stupid job is really cutting into my blog browsing. Arghh.

    *runs off to bwt*

  9. Glad you finally found this post. I was beginning to think u weren't interested. ;-)

    Bwt still has plenty of seeds. Hope u like the DVD. :)

  10. thanks for this great blog !! i would love to see your compilation DVD's.

    it seems that the link to part 21 is dead.

    is there a way to download the DVD's somewhere else ? Bwt is a little messed up i think. i can't donate and emailing them didn't work either.


  11. Thanks for the feedback.

    Yep, link for 21 was broken. Its OK now. :)

    Try again.

  12. yeah, now it's working. even on my mac.
    watching it now. it's an amazing piece of work you did. thanks !!

    what is the secret about to register on Bwt ?

  13. Yw, glad u like. It took me a while to make, but I think it turned out rather good.

    About Bwt...get my contact email from my profile and send me a note.

  14. This was a really great idea for a DVD. I especially love the menu showing all the clips in action.

  15. Hello!

    I'm trying to download this DVD through MediaFire. But Bollywood's Best Movie Titles.part10.rar is missing on the MediaFire page. Is there something wrong? Or I should rename all the numbering of the rar files?

    And it's out of the topic, but I can't comment on the original post so I have to put it here. I was also trying to download Helen of Bollywood 3, but some of the rar files are invalid and cannot be recovered. I tried downloading everything from MediaFire again but it still doesn't work. What can I do?

    Thank you very much.


  16. Hello Royce,

    Download all the files for Bollywood's Best Movie Titles including the par files. Use QuickPar and it will repair and replace the missing file. If you have more than one missing and the QuickPar is unable to replace then you'll have to go to Bwtorrents @ and use the torrent. I just looked and I see there are no seeders. However, if you post a comment and ask for someone to please seed the torrent, you should get help from those who have downloaded the DVD before. As for Helen of Bollywood 3, I'm afraid that Mediafire has begun to delete those files due to inactivity. So, you'll have to go again to Bwtorrents @ and ask for help. Good luck :)

  17. Thank you for your quick reply. :-)

    I've downloaded everything and ran through MacPar, but since there's no part10.rar, though the rest of the files are fine, I can't process further. Anyway, I will try Torrent again later. Thank you very much! :>

  18. I don't know why MacPar failed, but I put more than enough par files so QuickPar will work if only 1 file is missing. So, if you can try it on a PC with QuickPar it should replace the missing file. Hope u someday get the DVD and sorry for the trouble you've run into.


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