August 27, 2010

Kismat - Opening Credits

Enjoy the cool movie title music by O.P. Nayyar that plays during the opening credits for Kismat.

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  1. Wow Kismat's title music. One of my favorite movie ever. Helen looks completely stunning in this film. Her cabaret with Bishwajeet was fantastic. This film had marvelous songs. Another hit song called Kajra Mohabbat Wala where Babita as a boy and Bishwajeet a girl dances beautifully.

    Helen dies as usual. But here very interestingly with a knife. Isn't the death of Helen was really interesting to watch?
    Thanks for this beauty :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback, Araina.

    I also like this movie a lot. "One Two Three, Baby" is great! Yep, all of O.P. Nayyar's songs are very good. And the tile music is classic. I like the songs he did for "Hong Kong" too. Some are on Youtube. Helen has 4 or 5 songs in it. Unfortunately, the movie has yet to turn up anywhere. That film is on the top of my want list.

    Helen's death scene is never unexpected since she dies in many of her movies, but this one was a bit more innovative than most! Her death scene in Gumnaam was also unique. I'm glad that she always came back to life to do her next movie! :D


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