November 13, 2010

Sholay Remastered

 Tom Daniel's latest remaster has been released and it's superb. Video has been significantly improved and encoded in 16:9 widescreen as was originally intended by the filmmakers. Also, for the first time, subtitles have been added to all the songs. A must-have version of  an Indian film classic! Highly recommended!
Get it and the pdf  (which describes in detail what Tom has done)


  1. I certainly second the recommendation. It's another piece of marvelous work by Tom.

    What would we do without him? :)

  2. Thanks for the info. Mr Naidu & of course a very big thanks to Tom for taking the time & effort to actually do the remastering.

    It also means there is one less Helen song for you to restore !

  3. Yw. Yep, Tom derseves high praise for this one.

    And yes, one less Helen song to do. :)

  4. any link to get the torrent?

  5. click "Here" at bottom of post. :) You'll find it there.

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