October 21, 2010

Helen Week - Happy Birthday Helen!

Welcome to Helen Week - Day 7

First of all, I want to wish on behalf of all the readers of this blog and fans all over the world a very, very happy birthday to Helen - the original Dancing Queen! We Love you!!!

Since this is the last day of Helen Week, I'm going to end it with two special posts rolled into one. First, I'm making the Helen Of Bollywood (Volume 2) DVD available at Mediafire for the very first time. So, if you don't already have it you can grab it by clicking on the link provided below. If you're patient and persistent you should be able to get the DVD in a day or 2. :)

Helen Of Bollywood (Volume 2) is now available for the first time
Here at Mediafire.

Helen vs Vyjayanthimala - Dance Competitons

Coming up next are exciting videos of  Helen's two victorious dance competitions against the mighty Vyjayanthimala. Both videos were remastered by Tom Daniel.

First up is "Aaye Haaye Dilruba" from Dr. Vidya (1962). It now has subtitles and much improved video quality. This is followed by "Muqabla Humse Na Karo" from Prince (1969.)

So, enjoy the dance competitions as the underdog (our Helen) defies the odds and twice defeats the heroine (Vyjayanthimala). Long live Helen! And may she have many more birthdays to come! :)

Hope everyone enjoyed Helen Week. ;)

The End


  1. 'No one holds a candle to me.'


    Happy Birthday to Helen! :)

    And a big thank you to you, sir.

  2. You're welcome...and thanks for the feedback. :)

  3. I've been mostly offline the past several days, and wow, look what I missed! Lots of catching up on Helen week - it all looks quite delightful. And a splendid way to close it too. :) Happy birthday, Helen!

  4. Well done Mr Naidu, Helen week was fun and i love the autographed picture you've included

  5. Richard -

    Thanks for stopping by and making your nice comments. :) I couldn't resist, so I ended it with the Helen vs Vyjayanthimala dance competitions. :D

    Glad you enjoyed what I did with Helen Week. :)

    bollywooddeewana -

    Thanks. Yes, that autographed photo is nice, but I had to retouched it since the original had paint marks on it! So, I removed them as best I could. :) Helen's autograph is rare. So its always a pleasant surprise to come across a picture with one. :)

  6. Mr Naidu, Thank you and congratulations for the effort you have put in making the week a special one. Could not ask for more with the DVD now on mediafire also. Is it possible for you to kindly upload all the songs in mp3 format so that we can have in on ipod or on cd while on drive. I know I am asking for the moon.. but cant help it.

    B. Seshadri

  7. Thanks for the nice words. I'll keep your request under consideration. :)

  8. Great week, and thanks for posting the DVD. One note, it looks like volume07.rar is invalid or deleted per Mediafire. Haven't seen any other bad files.

  9. I'm having trouble uploading with part 7. Until this is resolved, I suggest downloading all rar AND Par2 files and then try to repair with the par2 files. It should be able to repair even if it is missing part 7.

  10. Just uploaded and tested new part 7, Everything should be alright now. :)

  11. Thank you so much! I really have enjoyed all the posts. :)

  12. You're welcome and thanks for the nice feeddback. :)

  13. That did the trick, it waited until the last minute to repaire the rar file but everything worked great. Wonderful to see al these, including old favorites in better quality and with subtitles. Thanks again!

  14. Great. Glad u were able to get the DVD...enjoy. :)


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