October 17, 2010

Helen Week - 2 rare And groovy videos

Welcome to Helen Week - Day 3

In this video, Helen and Jeetendra dance the Frug (a popular dance of the 60's) while a version of one of the biggest surf music songs of all-time "Walk Don't Run" by the Ventures plays! Can anyone guess the name of the movie?

The second video is a rare Helen song edited out of the VCD for Maharaja (1970) - Kitni Haseen Hai Mere Pyar Ki Nazar. Its an ultra cool song that borrows the intro from one of the top surf music classics of the 60's - "Pipeline" by the Chantays!...and then around 1:20 into the song we hear Pipeline's famous guitar riff! Nice! Many thanks to shafims72 for uploading this to Youtube. :). Btw, the high quality picture at the top of this post is a movie photo still from the song.


  1. I guess that clip is probably from Yaar Mera (1972), isn't it? But i am not sure!
    Do you have the film Maharaja (1970)? It had another Helen dance called ''Maine Pee Li Mera Dil Kiya'', that was very nice too. Helen looked very cool in the film Maharaja. But unfortunately i never find a good printed copy of this film Maharaja! Even my copy of Maharaja have a very weird video and audio quality!
    Well you know that this is so cute that sometimes you ask puzzles! I always love to answer them. As before that you asked about that song of Mumtaz and remember i won that! Yippy!
    Looking forward for the next Helen day!

  2. Ridhima, you are amazing! Yes, its from Yaar Mera. Well done!

    I don't have the Maharaja VCD and I didn't know she did another dance in it! Can't find it on Youtube. I'm going to buy the VCD made by Eagle even though its probably missing the video I posted. Is your VCD incomplete also?...and who made it?

    Yep, you're 2 for 2! I guess I have to come up with some harder questions. :)

    BTW, I just switched Helen's photo at the top of the post to a high quality photo of Helen form Maharaja when she was dancing "Kitni Haseen Hai Mere Pyar Ki Nazar." I just discovered that I had the photo :) What a cool outfit she's wearing!

  3. Yippy! Now you'll have to accept that i am also a great Helen fan like you :)

    Dear i don't have a VCD of Maharaja, my one is a VHS tape. So no missing scenes or songs but yes very low video and audio quality!

    Yea that photo of Helen is one of my favorites too! I also have that photo but dint knew that its an scene from Maharaja as I've already mentioned that my VHS copy of Maharaja have a weird video quality so it was really hard to guess Helen's dress exactly!

  4. Ridhima, there's no doubt you're the biggest Helen fan I know. :)

    Guard your VHS tapes. They are probably the only way you're going to see Bollywood films as they were originally released. Its a shame that most VHS tapes have such poor quality.

    Yep, that photo is great! I also overlooked where the photo came from because the video was so poor. Its a crime that the video doesn't have the same detail and clarity as that picture.

  5. Another great post! I love that song, it's on my MP3 player.

    Looking forward to tomorrow's post. :)

  6. Thaanks, Suzanne. I think I need to put it on my mp3 player, too. :)

  7. Helen is so fab, i love the way she mouths Stupid at the end of the first clip ...Lol

  8. She is fab personified. :) Yeah, I picked what she mouthed, too. Stupid, indeed. :)

  9. Great stuff! I know the ventures music made it around the world but I didn't suspect there would be such a fab clip of Helen getting down to it.

  10. I've watched the clip a number of times. It gets better with each viewing. :)

  11. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ci1X3PXMcak
    ''Maine Pee Li Mera Dil Kiya'' from Maharaja

  12. Yes, another great Helen song from Maharaja. I have it on my Helen Dhamaka 2 DVD :)

  13. oh merci beaucoup monsieur naidu pour ces merveilleux vidéo sur helen grâce a toi j'ai pu retrouver des scènes que j'ai complément oublier et je me rapelle t'avoir vu dans plusieurs films hindi ( exp: upaasna ) et je me suis dis oh monsieur naidu a beaucoup de chance d'avoir rencontrer beaucoup d'acteurs et actrices de bollywood et surtout Helen que j'adore merci et encore merci d'avoir créer ton blog et de nous parler de helen


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