October 18, 2010

Helen Week - Helen in Indonesia

Welcome to Helen Week - Day 4

Helen didn't perform only in Bollywood films. She danced in a couple of songs for an Indonesian Aladdin film in 1982. Enjoy!

And here's a bonus video. This time, Helen dances in a Tamil Aladdin film.


  1. I lived in Indonesia in 80's and never saw these. Thanx

  2. OMG!! Helen also did films in Indonesia?! Unbelievable! I had that Helen song from Tamil film Aladdin but i never heard of that Indonesian film before! From where did you got that?
    Helen worked in a huge number of films including some South Indian and Bengali films. But never thought that she worked in Indonesian films too!!
    Thanks a million for those Helen dances. You are the greatest Helen fan! You are simply awesome. Thankxxx...:)
    Now i am damn exited for the 5th day. I hope there's more exited things in the coming days. I am simply loving these things.

  3. Ridhima, I came across these dances a few moths ago on Youtube, but they were very poor quality. Recently, I found the movie they came from on Youtube and in better quality. Still, the video was dark and the colors were dull. So,I brightened the video up a bit and enhanced the colors. It looks much better now. I always knew she did movies in India outside of Bollywood, but never knew she did one in another country like Indonesia. So, stumbling upon this was a pleasant surprise, indeed. I've tried to find other films that she did outside of Bollywood, but so far I've only uncovered a few. The dance she did for the Telugu film "Bhookailas" is my favorite.

    Thanks for the nice words, Ridhima and glad you're enjoying Helen Week. :D.


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