February 3, 2011

Helen Dhamaka 2

Here's my latest collection of rare Helen videos. As far as I know, none are available on DVD and many aren't even available on VCD.

Lots of time and effort were spent assembling and producing this DVD. Many videos were remastered or fixed to the best of my ability for optimal viewing pleasure.

So, enjoy the magic of Helen!

01. Tu Milale Aaj Nigahen - Hum Tum Aur Woh - 1971 - Helen tries to entice a reluctant Vinod Khanna to drink in this highly enjoyable start to Helen Dhamaka 2
02. Kabhi Kabhi Sainyaan Sharaab Pee Ke Aaye - Rakhi Aur Rifle - 1976 - Non-stop Helen at her best!
03. Mujhko Deewaana Kar Gaye - Thief of Baghdad - 1969
04. Dil na Kahin Lagana - Gunghat - 1960 - Magnificent dancing by Helen with Gopi Krishna as Ashaji sings in four languages. Hindi, Tamil, Bengali and Punjabi
05. Mohabbat Ho Gayi Jinse - Kahin Din Kahin Raat - 1968
06. Pyar Bechati Hoon - Chhalia* - 1973
07. I Love You - Raat Andheri Thi* - 1967 - Beautiful vocal by Ashaji
08. Gulabi Chehra Sharaabi Ankhein - Madhosh* - 1974 - Helen dances up a storm to one of RD Burman's best songs
09. Maine Pee Lee Mera Dil Kiya - Maharaja* - 1970 - Charming sharabi song
10. Mere Sulagte Hue Dil - Tasveer - 1966 - Helen pursues Feroz Khan
11. Mere Gesuon Se Chhankar - Ek Raat - 1968
12. Nainon ki gadi chali - Mome Ki Gudiya - 1975
13. Mera Qatil Deewana Dil Hain - Faraar - 1965 - Wonderful vocal by composer Hement Kumar's daughter Ranu Mukherji
14. Husn Aur Sharab Ka Jo - Andhera - 1975 - From a Ramsay Bros. horror film
15. Hum To Hain Sabke Yaar - Daulat ke Dushman - 1981
16. Raat Chhoti Hai Magar - Kaala Aadmi - 1978
17. Kitni Haseen Hai Mere Pyar Ki Nazar - Maharaja* - 1970 - Song uses main guitar riff from the 60's American surf music classic "Pipeline" by the Chantays
18. Honth Bhale Inkaar Karen - Bandhi - 1978
19. Kamar Patli Nazar Bijli - Kahin Din Kahin Raat - 1968 - Big production number of song by O.P. Nayyar
20. Mehfil Ka Naam Meri - Jalan - 1976 - Other dancer is Ambika Joha. Vocals by Ashaji & Minoo Purushottam
21. Dil Ka Lagaana Iss Duniya Mein - Smuggler - 1966
22. Baat Hai Zara Hai Apas Ki - Jahan Pyar Miley - 1969
23. Chale Aana Sanam Uthaaye Qadam - Dekha Pyaar Tumhara - 1963
24. Janab-E-Man Salam Hai - Elaan - 1971
25. Ham Pe Ilzam Kyon - Kahin Din Kahin Raat - 1968 - Lovely sad love song by Ashaji
26. Hamre Duniya Karela Badnam - Bidesiya - 1963 - From a Bhojpuri film
27. Yun Na Tan Ke Chalo - Dil Ne Pukara - 1967 - Mehmood pursues Helen without success
28. Aa Bahon Mein Aa - Chhuppa Chhuppi - 1981 - Helen at the disco!
29. Mujhe Dekhiye Main Koi Daastaan Hoon - Lootera - 1965
30. Tu Dar Mat Dar Mat Yaara - Mehman - 1974 - Very similar to Meri Jawani from Upaasna!
31. Pyaasaa mera dil - Ehsan - 1970 - Lovely sharabi song
32. Ek Meri Gali Ka Ladka - Milan - 1958
33. Lavleena Aa Gaya Main - Agent Vinod - 1977
34. Ajnabi Tere Liye Houn Mein - Spy in Goa* - 1966
35. Nazar Badli Zamane Ki - Tasveer - 1966 - Superb ballroom dancing by Helen with Feroz Khan
36. Khubsoorat Tu Sanam - Jurm Aur Sazaa - 1977
37. Aaj Pee Li Hai - Anjan Hai Koi - 1969 - Another fun sharabi song
38. Tuze chand Kahu Ya Phool Kahu - Suneheri Nagin - 1963
39. Tilla Langdi Koyle Haaye - Piya Milan - 1958
40. Patharon Se Dastane Dil - Aaya Toofan - 1964 - Color version!

*A very special thanks to Bwt's shafi_ms82 for uploading some of the rare rips from his VHS collection that I used for this DVD! Thank you.

Comments and feedback are always appreciated!

Get the DVD here at Desitorrents.com. Registration is required.


  1. Wow. Looks awesome. I know it's a little cheeky but any plans to put these things on Mediafire?

  2. Sorry. No plans to put on Mediafire at the present time. You might want to try Bwtorrents. I've just heard that for the time being they are allowing guests to download without registering so they can decide if they want to become members or not. I don't know how true this information is, but it may be worth looking into.

  3. Thanks as usual Mr. Naidu, you must have spent many a day extracting the songs from such obscure movies.

    I'm sure they would never have got the viewership they will now w.o. you efforts.

  4. You're welcome. Yep, I'm always on the lookout for these rare Helen videos. Even if the movies weren't that great, the songs and Helen's dances usually makes them worthwhile. A lot of time and energy were spent putting this together. I hope everyone can grab a copy and enjoy the magic that is Helen. :D

  5. Dear Mr. Naidu
    Thanks for all your hard work. I think you've even outdone Dhamaka #1!
    Question: what's that square over Helen's bare leg at the beginning of #6 (Pyar Bechati Hoon - Chhalia* - 1973)? Is it censorship?
    I also really liked "Night is lovely, dark and cool" and I hope it makes it into one of your future compilations.

  6. Hello and thanks for the compliments. Yep, I also think Helen Dhamaka 2 is better than 1. :) The square placed over Helen's leg may very well be censorship. If not, it certainly doesn't add anything to the video. "Night is Lovely" almost made it to the DVD. I had to leave out about 10 videos to keep the total at 40 to preserve quality. If I ever decide to make another Helen DVD it probably will be on it. Frankly, I sense that interest in my Helen DVDs has decreased substantially. So, I'm not sure if there will be another.

  7. @Mr.Naidu, But why won't you release any more DVDs on Helen? Don't you like Helen anymore or your love, respect and interest for collecting rare and groovy Helen dances are now over? May be you're now bored of Helen that's why you dint even posted any other Helen dances these weeks in your special ''Video Of The Week'' segment! But really we'll all miss your awesome quality DVDs and love for Helen a lot!

  8. Let me make it clearer. Imo,the reader(s) of this blog have seemed to lose interest in the Helen DVDs and my other posts as well. Even so, I still haven't ruled out posting again someday in the future. We'll see. :) In any case, thanks to all those who took the time to leave comments and feedback. It made all the time and energy spent on these DVDs and other posts worthwhile. Thanks again. :)

  9. Nononononono, we haven't lost interest in Helen DVDs! Only just grabbed this (been having a Bwood hiatus) but it, and she, is as fabulous as ever!

  10. Thanks, PC. Let's see if I can be motivated to continue. I've got tons of Helen videos I haven't gotten to yet. We'll see :)

  11. Hi Mister Naidu
    You've added two very nice numbers from movie Tasveer, so why dint you added the most beautiful and sultry Asha solo from it? The song is called 'Samjhoge Tum Kya Bhala' (which happens to start with something Oo-La-La-La). Its an very lovely Helen dancing and the tune is very much of C.Ramachandra's trademark type and very funky and peppy. So i thought may be you'd put it.
    But nevertheless, put it sometime as your Video Of The Week or in any other Helen DVD of yours.

  12. Hello,

    I don't have "Samjhoge Tum Kya Bhala" at the present time, but I might be able to get it sometime in the near future.

    Stay tuned :)

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